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Due to the ever increasing cost of daily rates and game prices, we all NEED to make the best of our every hunt by putting the most possible meat in the freezer.

With the use of high quality, premium grade bullets, each hunter CAN put more meat, at an affordable price, in the freezer!!!

How can I achieve this goal?


Wherever you hunt in South Africa or even abroad,
you always benefit by using high quality, premium grade bullets!
GSC bullets will never let you down, as long as you make sure of proper shot placement.

When the shot angle is difficult, place the shot in such a way that the bullet can still reach the vitals.
You can be assured that the GSC bullet will penetrate deep and in a straight line towards your final point of aim, the vital organ area.

Modern ballistics science harnessed in an ingenious manner.
Dr Alf Smith wrote - 28 August 2006 -

Now as to the reason your 265s (in .375 caliber) work so well, it is your design. As with all monometal expanders you have managed to harness and control the shedding of energy.
It is captured and limited by virtue of the bullets unique construction. Só, controlled expansion and limited fragmentation.
Now you add a second dimension, you limit the weight and add the ribs to the bullet and you have a perfect combintation. You can drive velocity because pressure is brought down by the ribs. In fact they can be shot at higher velocities than their conventional counterparts, enough velocity so that the bullet sheds its petals along the penetration path and now you are left with a cylinder of sufficient remaining mass and energy to still penetrate adequately.
This is modern ballistics science harnessed in an ingenious manner. In fact, I would venture to state that it is revolutionary! It does not rewrite the rules, but it is an alternative never thought of application of existing rules! What is more, the cylinder that is left due to its geometric shape is the most stable configuration there is. It is the ideal scenario for large bodied game.

(The above is applicable to both HV and FN GSC bullets, each according to its own design.)

GS Custom as the established market leader in innovation.

1. Fact: GS Custom was first into the market with a truncated cone, wide meplat, flat nosed solid bullet, made from copper. This was in 1997.
Since then, virtually every manufacturer has moved away from round nose designs for their solids. Those who have not, are working on getting such designs to market, or living with the fact that their method of manufacture excludes such designs. In one or two instances manufacturers remain convinced that round nosed solids are better, but the greater majority do not. The worth of the GSC flat meplat nose design, manufactured from copper, was proven by GSC and the world's manufacturers followed. Some with variants that have only advertising hype value and some with almost exact copies of the GSC designs. Manufacturers who have introduced flat, large meplat solids since 1997 are Barnes, Rhino, Nosler, Northfork, KJG, Bridger, Woodleigh and others.

2. Fact: In 1997, GSC was first into the market with a true two-diameter drive band bullet that conforms to the CIP and SAAMI specifications of barrel bore and groove diameters. Since then, any manufacturer who is capable of producing a similar looking bullet has done so. Some have followed the look of the GSC drive band bullets with grooved shank bullets. These bullets are easy to manufacture and the impression is created that they are keeping up with advancing technology. Few have made an attempt at manufacturing true drive bands. Once again GSC was in the lead technologically and the world's bullet industries followed. Manufacturers who have introduced grooved bullets since 1997 are Rhino, Barnes, Northfork (closed and started a year later under new management), Groove Bullets (closed), Hornady, Remington, and a host of small manufacturers who come and go. Drive band bullets, similar to GSC were introduced by KJG, PBP, Ferrobul, Jaguar (Mayerl), Marchet, Zethilius and Bridger (closed). Monometallic expanding (but smooth shanked) bullets were introduced by Lapua (Naturalis) and Nosler (E Tip)

3. Fact: In 1997, GSC launched the first copper solid that deforms by design in a controlled manner, when severe resistance is met. GSC was the first to actively seek and find solutions for the following:
a) When brass/bronze solids are stressed beyond their failure threshold and fail, they do so catastrophically.
b) On bullets designed to resist deforming, any type of curved shape on the nose will increase the probability of the bullet to tumble. The only exception to this is the Super Penetrator designed by Norbert Hansen. He overcomes the problem by fitting the nose of his bullet with a disk that overhangs the meplat. The wider disk therefore masks the curve behind it from the forces generated by the passage of the bullet through tissue. It carries the risk of the disk separating from the bullet under stress thereby negating the advantage.
c) In testing designed to induce tumbling, it was found that any solid that presented a curved shape to the direction of travel has a high probability of tumbling, while wide meplat flat nose and cylinder shapes tend to resist tumbling.

GSC FNs recovered from elephant. Despite the deformation caused by bone contact, these bullets gave linear penetration and the deepest average penetration of all the bullets tested.
These GSC FN bullets are the worst examples of deformation we have ever seen. Both bullets were fired at 2600fps muzzle velocity and gave deep penetration with an extreme amount of bone destruction. The flare of the meplat effectively masked the after body and both bullets penetrated beyond expectation. The wound channels showed no curvature. When the goal is perfection, even when you come up a little short, you are still in good shape.
Hansen Superpenetrator solids have a flat steel disc that is wider than the ogive diameter directly behind it. The cavitation caused by material flow over the edge of the disc, shields the curved surface from flow pressure. Under stress the disc is frequently separated from the bullet as seen on the two bullets recovered from elephant.
    PMP     Nosler
    Barnes     Bridger

4. It has been acknowledged that the two best makes of dangerous game solid bullets are GS Custom FN bullets and Northfork FP solid bullets. Both are made from copper. It is also notable that the GSC FN range precede the Northfork FP range by several years and that Northfork, after more than a year of experimental design, arrived at the GSC designs in any case.

  Early NF FP    Current Northfork FP           GSC FN

5. Fact: GSC is the first manufacturer who started manufacturing bullets for use in high gain twist barrels. As a result of this, gain twist barrel manufacturers can now offer barrels that double in twist rate from chamber to muzzle.

6. Fact: GSC is the first manufacturer who effectively developed mechanisms to reduce gas blow by in the freebore and leade of a barrel, thereby significantly extending barrel life.

7. Fact: GSC is the first manufacturer who effectively developed a special coating used on their bullets, by using three different metal powders.
GSC bullets are coated with a complex coating that consists of three metals, as before, but with the replacement of moly with another metal.
The purpose of the coating is to reduce copper fouling, from the already low levels that GSC drive band bullets give, and to make the barrel easier to clean, thereby increasing shot strings, before accuracy falls off. Barrels also run cooler than what can be achieved with any other bullets or coatings. Should a barrel be used with GSC drive band bullets exclusively, it can be expected that the barrel will last two to three times as long, as when used with conventional smooth or grooved bullets.

"One rule I have come to accept:
I do not care what old wives tales people believe are true.
Observation of actual result takes preference over theory every time.

Case in question right now: "Solid bullets should not deform."

I see that, in real life, all solids deform - no exceptions.
I see that when they deform in a certain way, bad results happen.
I see that when they deform in another certain way, they continue to perform well.
I see that when I design for prevention of deformation, it cannot be done.
I see that it is possible to design for control of deformation.

There is no easy way to say this and I do not want to offend,
but I would be stupid if I continued to adhere to the belief that solids should not deform.
It is a pipe dream and better to accept reality and design to accomodate that reality.
I think GSC has found a solution and I think I can explain why it is a solution.
The theories I see presented, seem to fit reality.

The bottom line is:
If the bullet is an FN shape, speed ads to the total destruction in a positive manner, every time.

This is why we make experience based recommendations for GSC FN bullets.
That has always been: Use the length (weight) bullet we recommend and run it as fast as what is safe for your circumstances and shooting platform.
We place reliable, repeatable performance at the head of our requirement list.
We see no use for a product that will deliver miraculous performance one time
and fail miserably on the next shot."

Reply given by Gerard Schultz when asked why his GSC FN bullets perform so well, even against what theory would have it done.

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