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Hier is nou 'n heel interessante item in die jagter se jag bykomstighede, wat werklik altyd in die jagkamp handig te pas kom.
Selfs oppad ná of van die jagveld af en selfs enige ander plek. Dit is altyd 'n bonus as mens 'n goeie lig beskikbaar het en boonop albei
jou hande vry het om take te verrig wat in gebrekkige lig of die donker, jou volle aandag vereis.

High-power 250 lumen LED spot light
80 lumen COB flood light
Red 10 lumen COB flood light
Red beacon light

Spot Light (250 lumens) - 3.5 hours / 122 meters
COB Flood Light (80 lumens) - 7 hours / 13 meters
Red COB (10 lumens) - 8 hours / 4 meters
Red beacon light - 48 hours / visible over 1 mile

Fully dimmable
Water and impact-resistant
durable housing
Power memory setting
Direct-to-red feature

Top-positioned, ON/OFF button

Dual adjustable head strap

Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included)

0.2 lbs. (128 grams)
One size fits all

The NEBO® DUO Headlamp is an all-powerful, hands-free lighting solution. The push button on/off button allows you to easily cycle through the FOUR light modes: one white LED (250 Lumens), 2 COB strips (80 Lumens) or 2 RED COB strips in steady or beacon mode. The red LED is a low-signature light, which ensures stealth in the dark, enhances night vision and makes reading in little to no light possible. The light from the 250-lumen power LED has a spot beam distance of 122 meters. Its signature 2 strip COB design fully illuminates your immediate area with its wide flood beam. The DUO Headlamp is tough, reliable, lightweight and completely shock-proof.

The Hunter’s Bipod -
Stop hauling around a heavy lump of metal. Try the NeoPod® and discover what a practical bipod is all about.

It was time to re-think the bipod. We did, and the result is the NeoPod®. It is made from carbon fibre reinforced PEEK polymer. This material has a tensile strength equal to that of stainless steel – with only half the weight of aluminium.

For hunters going to extremes, from the deepest deserts to the highest mountains, there are two key things to consider when choosing the right equipment: weight and strength. These considerations have always caused conflicting demands in terms of design and materials. Until now, bipods have been too heavy and too bulky.

Hitting your target with the first shot is what it’s all about. A hunting bipod must be quick to deploy and help you achieve maximum precision in the field. We have used the highest performing materials in the world and refined our design through extensive testing to produce a unique bipod for the most demanding hunters.

The NeoPod® is a game changer – it offers performance without compromise.

The Neopod is with a weight of only 82g /2.9oz, the world's lightest fully functional bipod. Made from Victrex carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK polymer, generally regarded as the highest performing material in the world.
- Height, minimum: 14.5cm / 5.7" from center of spigot
- Height, maximum: 21.5cm / 8.5" from center of spigot
- Lenght of legs retracted: 17cm / 6.7"
- Length of legs extended: 24cm / 9.4"
- Leg adjustment increments: 7mm / .28"
- Leg angle: 55 degrees
- Cant: 20 degrees left and right of center
- Pan: 2 degrees left and right of center
- Construction: Injection molded Victrex 30% carbon fiber reinforced PEEK composite
- Adapter material: Aircraft grade aluminium alloy
- Interfaces: Sling swivel stud, push button base horizontal, Picatinny, Blaser, Sauer, etc. No alterations to gun required."

Hunting with the NeoPod in South Africa -
It is more than often said by hunters that the ultra light weight and short NeoPod, is not suitable for hunting under South African hunting conditions.

Here is what the CEO of Steinert Sensing Systems, the Norwegian company responsible for the design and manufacture of the NeoPod, has to say after he himself and friends used the NeoPod on several South African hunts.

I don't agree about the application in Africa. I have shot lots of game with the NeoPod.
Warthogs, wildebeest, several bushbucks, jackal, bushpig, klipspringer, monkeys and quite a number of baboons.
My friends have also used the NeoPods to great effect in Africa.

Most PH's have no clue about the use of bipods, but become converts after we show them how easy it is to make perfect shots at over 300m.
Baboons in tree tops are a piece of cake. From 150-400m just aim between the eyes and you'll hit him somewhere if your zero is a 200m. The baboon in the image below got a 270 WSM in the face from 280m.

I've even used the NeoPod to crawl under bushes to try and locate the bull in a herd of buffaloes. You just have to think differently than from using sticks.

This applies to all the places I've hunted in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Here are some images to prove my point.
This hunt took place in the Musina Bushveld area in April 2015.

CEO of Steinert Sensing Systems.




Are we, South African hunters, afraid to go down to the ground "to make perfect shots at over 300m"?


A well known Australian hunter and journalist's view on the use of bipods -

In recent years,I have noticed more acceptance of bipods by hunters and shooters. Even so there are still some people who think it is 'cheating' to use shooting sticks or bipods, but it is okay to gain a rifle rest from a tree or over their backpack.

I find it hard to follow their thinking, as it should be the aim of every ethical hunter to do their utmost to take all game as cleanly and humanely as possible and shooting sticks and bipods go a long way to achieving that.
~ Brad Allen.


The following images and photos to illustrate what your rifle could look like with the NeoPod and it's specific adaptors attached -

Blaser synthetic stock with specific adaptor.
Fits R93/R8 in Professional, Success and Offroad.
Additional NeoPod adaptor available to clear silencer on rifle.

Blaser wooden stock with Universal adaptor.
QD sling stud to be fitted to rifle in order
to fit universal adaptor.

Sauer 202 with NeoPod adaptor, one adaptor
fits models 202, 303 and 404.
Additional NeoPod adaptor available to clear
silencer on rifle.

Sauer NeoPod fitting with additional NeoPod
silencer adaptor to clear mounted silencer on rifle.

Different types of NeoPod adapters -

33g Universal sling stud.
(Fits all rifles with Quick Link Stud below forearm.)
26g Sauer 202, 303 & 404.
7g Blaser R8/R93, Professional & Success - all synthetic.
8g Mauser M12 Extreme.
29g Picatinny Rail.
6g Flush Cup sling stud adapter.

Backpacks / Rugsakke

When considering backpacks, it must be highly functional with the durability to last you and your family a lifetime.
And it is no different with hunters, in fact it is more so since the hunter needs both hands to be able to handle his rifle as good as possible. That leaves no room to worry about pieces of other equipment also needed in the hunt, that should be handled by the one and only pair of hands you have!!!

Juis daarom is so 'n gemaklike en prakties moontlike rugsak met voldoende ruimte, van die grootste belang vir die man in die veld om sy jag so goed moontlik te kan laat verloop.
Kyk na die rugsakke en hulle eienskappe wat ons u bied en u sal besef dat die prys wat hulle kos, geensins buitensporig is nie, in ag genome wat in ruil daarvoor verkry word - gemak en lang dienstyd.

North Ridge 50 - Rugkant North Ridge 50 - Agterkant.
Capacity: 50 L
Internal aluminium frame
Hauling loop
Padded back for comfort
Adjustable foam padded shoulder straps
Padded hip belt for comfort
Main Compartments, 2
Zip away divider converts from double to single compartment.
Side pockets, 4
Flap pocket, 1
Ski slots on base with extra length web for sleeping bag.

Nomad 65 - Rugkant Nomad 65 - Agterkant.
Capacity: 65 L
Adjustable back system
Adjustable S shaped harness straps with chest strap
Harness backed in comfortable velour
Curved hip belt buckle for comfortable fit, adjustable from both sides
Compression straps to stabilise load
Internal aluminium frame
Main Compartments, 2
Top as well as front entry to main compartment
Zip away divider converts from double to single compartment.
Side pockets, 4
Flap pockets, 2
6 Accessory attachment points with webbing on main flap
Ski slots & accessory straps on base
Bivi cover on all entry points.

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