The accuracy and best results of the reloading process start with the quality and uniformity of the cases you are using to load your premium bullets into.

It is a well known fact that poor quality cases used in the reloading process can result in poor groupings and ultimately badly placed shots on game, leading to large financial losses due to animals that cannot be found soon enough after they were shot.

Uniformity of case capacities, primer pocket sizes, etc. can easily be achieved by starting off in the loading process with good, quality cases.
Why should you handicap yourself in your hunting when the better product is available?

The preparation of your brass cases is equally important, more specifically the correct set up of your sizer die, and other guidelines that should be followed in the reloading process.
Follow this next link and read a lot more about this whole process which will help you, the reloader, to achieve better accuracy with your rifle and properly prepared cases -


222 22-250

223 .243 Win

260Rem 6.5 x 55  Swedish

.308 Win 30-06 Sprg

300WM 338Lapua