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Only then we will e-mail you an invoice, based on the option you have exercised.

In case where we have your complete order in stock, an invoice will be e-mailed to you on receipt of your order.


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In the case of sound suppressors ordered via TechFund Distributors, we will do our best to keep you informed of the progress with your order. However, the manufacturer of the sound suppressors, will be ultimately responsible for the delivery of your goods ordered.

** Only Terminator Sound Suppressor prices include courier delivery cost to your street address in the RSA.
This ruling untill further notice by the manufacturer of the sound suppressors.

Botswana & Namibia:
(Note: The following are additional charges for Botswana & Namibia)

Rate per parcel: R156.90 Plus R4.80 per 100g or part thereof.

(All postal rates valid from 1 April 2018 till end March 2019, but may change anytime without prior notice.)

NB !!! Please supply Postal address in stead of Street address for delivery in Botswana & Namibia.

The information required in the following table is absolutely vital for us to be able to process your order and have your sound suppressor manufactured correctly.
IMPORTANT: Should your rifle's barrel already have been threaded, please supply specifications, if not already threaded, add the word NONE.

ITEM Description
PRICE per unit -
Terminator courier incl. - refer note above **.
Caliber +
(Add T/s for Terminator Super)
Existing thread on barrel.
Barrel diameter in mm.


Type.22LR Terminator Suppressor
R 1 200.00.
Type A Terminator Suppressor
R 1 670.00 / T/s R 2 600.00.
Type B Terminator Suppressor
R 1 670.00 / T/s R 2 600.00.
Type C Terminator Suppressor
R 1 670.00 / T/s R 2 600.00.
Type D Terminator Suppressor
R 1 870.00 / T/s R 3 000.00.

Please note:
The Terminator Super sound suppressors are available on Type A, B and C at the price of R 2 600.00 per unit and includes calibers smaller than 338LM.

Example: When ordering Terminator Super for .243, indicate caliber as .243T/s.

The Terminator Super sound suppressors are available on Type D at the price of R 3 000.00 per unit and includes calibers 338LM and larger.

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